Pyongyang, 9 September 2022 (TDI): People all around North Korea are celebrating the 74th anniversary of the country’s foundation today.

According to Korean Central Television, all those individuals who have served the country and have made great contributions to their respective fields are gathering in the capital today. Moreover, people all around the country are celebrating the day with the colours of the national flag.

On the previous national foundation day of the country, parades of parliamentary and public security forces took place in a square in the capital. Moreover, state leader Kim Jong Un also attended the parade.

Every year on 9th September, mass events and celebrations take place in the country to declare the importance of this day. In addition, North Korea also observes a public holiday on National Foundation Day.

Brief History

North Korea celebrated the First National Foundation Day in 1949. The next year, however, September 9 took place during the Korean War and instead of a massive celebration nationwide, only a press release was passed.

Furthermore, for the past 69 years, celebrations have been observed on year at September 9 however the pattern and scale of celebration vary as per the situation in the country. Moreover, North Korea typically releases stamp sets to celebrate round-number anniversaries of Foundation Day.

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National Party Foundation Day

Similarly, the next month, people in North Korea will celebrate National Party Founda Day. Every year on October 10, North Korea marks one of its most significant national holidays, known as Party Foundation Day. Furthermore, the holiday officially marks the October 10, 1945 foundation of the “Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea.”

At the 50th anniversary of Party Foundation Day in 1995, the DPRK unveiled one of its most iconic monuments, the Monument to the Party Founding, which was completed on October 10, 1995. It was designed by the Mansudae Art Studio.

The monument features a hammer, sickle and calligraphy brush representing the workers, farmers, and intellectuals. Moreover, inside the monument, there are three bronze murals, each with its respective meaning: the party’s historical root, the unity of people under the party, and the party’s vision for a progressive future.