Washington DC, 4 February 2022 (TDI): The Spokesperson of the United States Department of State, Ned Price, in his daily press briefing addressed the Press about the ongoing matters of international affairs. During the session, the Spokesperson addressed a statement on Pakistan and many other topics.

Indeed, one of the topics Ned Price addressed was the value of the US and Pakistan relationship. This statement came after concern of other countries to choose between the US and China reporters asked. 

To respond, Ned Price said that, first, the US wanted to reassure other countries that there is no requirement to choose between them and China. Secondly, the US wants other states to know that they are the ones who choose with which country they collaborate. 

The Spokesperson added that a partnership with the US brings a series of advantages that other countries do not have. Furthermore, Pakistan is a strategic partner to the United States, and both have an important relationship, which is concretized in several areas of cooperation, Price added. 

The US Department Briefing 

This session was a US Department of States briefing, where the Spokesperson Ned Price answered the reporter’s questions. The encounter took place on February 2 and lasted over one hour. 

 Ned Price Started the briefing by underlying the fact that it’s been one year that the Department holds briefings daily. After that, Price processed to answer the questions of reporters. 

Questions about Ukraine, Nato, Afghanistan, India, China, and more were addressed. For instance, the session occurred in a briefing session of the Department of States held on Wednesday.

The US-Pakistan Relations 

As stated before by the US Department of States Ned Price, Pakistan and US have cordial diplomatic relations. Both cooperate for the advancement of peace, democracy, security, and economic development of Pakistan and the region. 

Both countries have their embassies in their respective countries. For instance, the US has its embassy in Islamabad and consulates in different cities of Pakistan. Pakistan has its embassy in Washington DC and consulates in various cities of the US as well.