Geneva, 17 January 2023 (TDI): Nature is on the decline. The world is facing sixth mass extinction. Destabilizing rapidly, more than 1 million species are in danger.

Already the world has lost 200. The planet is fragile and finite. The balance that this planet resonates with is essential for sustainability.

But in pursuit of maintaining economic gains environment is consistently being deteriorated. However, the economy of about $44 trillion depends upon the supply of nature.

From food to pharmaceutical products, biodiversity provides primary source of medicine for 4 billion people. While agrobiodiversity provides nourishment to 1 billion lives.

Whereas ocean biodiversity provides 15 percent of annual protein. To 4.3 billion people. Climate change, poverty, inequality, and insecurity are combined threats to humanity.

Nature provides one-third of the most cost-effective climate solutions. The degenerating ecosystems can trigger a $2.7 trillion downward spiral in GDP by 2030.

Nevertheless, investment in nature can bring sustainable dividends. Investment in Mangroves can protect people from floods. Almost 39 percent of people and $82 billion worldwide, annually.

Restoration of 350 million hectares of forests and landscapes can provide protection. To environment. For example, watershed protection, improvement in crop yields, and forest production.

This would also be requisitioning 1.7 gigatons of carbon dioxide, annually. In order to protect nature. Nature-friendly changes in the food, infrastructure, and energy sector can create $10 trillion.

Also, 395 million jobs by 2030. Forests produce more than 5000 types of wood-based products. This generates $10 trillion and adds 1 percent to global GDP.

With the induction of renewable energy sources, the world could save $10 trillion, annually, that is spent on fossil fuels. This would also save pollinators and save $217 billion.

Removing fossil fuel subsidies could also discourage the use of non-renewables. It means a reversal of environmental damage. For saving environment, the support of indigenous people and local communities must be enlisted.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has pledged to support communities in protecting the environment. For this purpose, $189 million would be provided. This step would also create new economic opportunities and align development priorities.