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National Day of Algeria


 Algeria: July 5, 2021 (TDI):  Independence Day or the national day of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is celebrated every year on 5th July. The day is observed to celebrate Algeria’s independence from France in 1962. This year marks the 59th Independence Day of Algeria.

For more than 132 years, Algerians fought colonialism, now they are progressing to build a better country.

Location of Algeria

Algeria is located in the Maghreb region in Northern Africa. In Africa, it is the largest country by total area. Bordered to the northeast by Tunisia, the east side to Libya, southeast side Niger, west side to Morocco, Western Sahara, the southwest side to Mali, Mauritania, and the Mediterranean Sea to the North.

The capital and the largest city is Algiers.

Population of Algeria

The estimated population of Algeria is 44.2 million.

Official Language of Algeria

Algeria is predominantly a Muslim country and Arabic is the official language of Algeria.

Climate of Algeria

The climate of Algeria is of three types, the mild Mediterranean climate, the desert climate of the vast areas, and finally the transitional climate of the northern mountains, which is a little less hot and rainy.

National Flag of Algeria

The national flag consists of two equal green and white vertical bars with a red crescent and a star in the center which is a symbol of Islam as the most prominent faith of the nation.

In the early 21st century the economy of Algeria was boosted as the development of oil and other mineral deposits brought new wealth and economic uplift to the country. It promoted the living standards of the local population.

Every year people of Algeria celebrate Independence Day by flag hoisting, parades are organized and the national anthem is sung.  The President of Algeria gives a speech on Independence Day as well.

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