Mexico City, 15 June 2023 (TDI): The NADBank’s Board of Directors held its first semi-annual meeting of 2023 on June 14. The meeting reviewed the bank’s operations, policies, and recent project developments.

It also established the strategic direction for the coming years. This significant occasion coincided with the commemoration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States.

Two new policies approved

NADBank made some important decisions at their meeting. They approved two policies called the Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy and the Gender Equality and Inclusion Policy.

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These policies are about taking care of the environment and making sure everyone is treated fairly. The aim is to make sure that the projects they support are good for the environment, and they want to include everyone, no matter their gender.

Through these policies, NADBank reaffirms its commitment to its mission of preserving and advancing sustainable development.

Operating Guidelines of the Community Support Program

NADBank also made some updates to a program called the Community Support Program (PAC). This program helps support special projects that make the environment better in places along the border between the United States and Mexico.

The new updates mean that more projects about water and waste will get money. It will be easier for communities to get the help they need. And if there’s an emergency, they will get extra support. These updates will make a big difference in helping the environment and the people who live there.

Public meeting held

The Board of Directors had a special meeting where people from different communities, businesses, and organizations came together. They had a chance to share their ideas and thoughts.

Around 100 people joined the meeting either in person or online. Everyone talked about important things and had a chance to be heard.

Positive impact of environmental infrastructure projects

Moreover, the General Directorate of NADBank reported that, since the last meeting in November 2022, the NADBank team had approved a lot of money, $279 million, to help fund seven new projects.

These projects are special because they’re all about protecting the environment. They will do good things like reduce harmful emissions that are bad for the air, treat wastewater to make it clean, and save water so we don’t waste it.

First three months of 2023

In the first few months of this year, they gave a lot of money, almost $59 million, to support 16 different projects. They focused on projects that are related to water, like making sure people have clean and safe water to drink and use.

Water is really important for our everyday life, so NADBank wants to make sure everyone has access to it. They’re doing their best to help communities and make a positive difference in people’s lives.