Malé, 7 February 2022 (TDI): The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL), Mohamed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, called on Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the President of the Republic of the Maldives in his office. They talked in length about the friendly ties between the Maldives and the Muslim World League.


During the meeting, both leaders spoke fondly of their long-standing relations and expressed confidence and trust in each other. They commented on the ways in which Maldives’ alliance with the MWL had grown stronger over the years.

Additionally, the two parties also exchanged their sentiments on certain issues which are of mutual interest. For instance, they touched upon the subject of the propagation of Islam. Both expressed a passionate desire to clear the misconceptions that had been spread regarding the authenticity of Islamic principles.

President Solih communicated admiration for the Secretary-General’s distinguished contributions and leadership when it came to the MWL. He stated that the organization had developed significantly under the regime of Al-Issa, especially in the international space.

Then, the Maldivian President remarked on how influential MWL has been in spreading and promoting Islam across the globe. He commended the organization for its unwavering dedication.

Directly addressing the Maldives in this context, Solih suggested that MWL could prove helpful in streamlining religious education in the country. He noted that this might combat the issue of religious extremism by tackling the problem at the grassroots.

Moreover, he also requested the assistance of MWL in instilling religious zeal in the natives of Maldives and reminding them of the true values of Islam in order to intensify their Aqidah.


On the other hand, Secretary-General Al-Issa said that he was honored to be invited to the Maldives by the President. He briefly talked about the beauty and warm hospitality of the country.

Afterward, Al-Issa described the Charter of Makkah to the President and explained the role this would play in reminding Muslims of the true Islamic values. He also offered to extend this explanation to the wider Maldivian community.

Speaking about the Charter of Makkah, the Secretary-General briefed that it was a document curated by leading Muslim scholars from around the world. It highlighted the values of tolerance, diversity, acceptance, and mutual co-existence which were necessary for peaceful living.

The two leaders ended the interaction by agreeing that they would continue making efforts in collaborating to promote Islam’s authentic principles. They would also work closely to strengthen ties between the Maldives and the MWL.