Mecca, 28 July 2022 (TDI): Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary-General Mohammad Al-Issa met with the Senior Advisor to the High Commissioner and UNHCR Representative Khaled Khalifa on 28 July.

At the meeting, the officials discussed the present situation of refugees worldwide. They also talked about how the MWL’S current and future programs can assist in eliminating the plight of refugees worldwide. Muslim World League (MWL) and UNHCR work for the good of all refugees.

Al-Issa also commended the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Refugee Agency for their work and efforts. Khaled on behalf of the UNHCR also expressed gratitude for the MWL’s support in its mission. He thanked the MWL for their commitment to support UNHCR. MWL supports UNHCR by providing safety for displaced people and also supports their host communities.

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MWL and its role in supporting refugees

Muslim World League (MWL) is an Islamic organization formed in 1962. It was established after a resolution was adopted at the World Muslim Congress meeting in Mecca.

MWL aims to “present the true Islam and its tolerant principles and provide humanitarian aid”. The Islamic organization also seeks to propel bridges of dialogue and cooperation with everyone, and also indulge in positive openness to all cultures and societies.

The League also issued a fatwa allowing Zakat to qualified refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs).

UNHCR’s Zakat Program

UNHCR has been offering humanitarian assistance to refugees worldwide for 70 years. The UNHCR through the Zakat initiative is the first UN agency that offers an efficient and reliable means for people to meet their zakat obligations. The Zakat initiative operates under Shariah and it is also supported by Fatwas from five notable scholars and institutions.

UNHCR through the Zakat initiative ensures that 100% of the Zakat donations go straight to the needy people. In this case, the needy people are refugees. UNHCR works through the Zakat initiative and also partners with Tabah Foundation for Research and Consultation.