Gaza, 19 July 2022 (TDI): Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International highlighted the inspiring stories of the resilience of the people in Palestine on July 18, 2022.

The stories were of Palestinians who are badly injured by Israeli forces. MSF acknowledged that rockets and gunfire from Israel adversely changed the lives of these people in Gaza.

Four people from Gaza shared their stories to a photographer Giles Duley who was also injured in the conflict zone and became an amputee.

The four people include Amro Ayman Alhadad, Mohamad Soliman Mohamad Saad, Muawiyah Al-Wahidi, and Mahmoud Khaled Ibrahim Khader.

The 36,000 Palestinians hurt during the Great March of Return protests at the Gaza border included Amro, Mohammad, and Mahmoud.

From March 2018 to December 2019, protests were staged close to the border of Gaza and Israel to mark the 70th anniversary of the 1948 migration.

Muawiyah was seriously injured when Israeli troops bombed the Gaza Strip in 2021. He underwent amputations, along with 152 other Palestinians, to reduce the chance of infection in their injuries.

During a visit in 2022 to Gaza, Giles Duley asked Amro, Mohammad, Muawiyah, and Mahmoud to share their experiences with life after amputation.

Experience of Amro Ayman Alhadad

Amro was injured by an Israeli army bullet. He was sent to Turkey for treatment and his leg was amputated. Amro was afraid of how others would react to his amputated leg. So, he did not dare to go out to meet people.

He said: “I found escape in drawing, I watched videos online and taught myself to be an artist.”

Experience of Mohamad Soliman Mohamad Saad

Mohammad Saad was injured when he went to the fence border after finding out that his son was injured there. He got a shot in his leg from the Israeli forces.

With the consultation of MSF, he decided the amputation of his leg in 2022. Mohamad is very confident to share his experience.

He said; “If doctors advocate amputation, I would recommend doing it. Before I did, I couldn’t go outside or play with my children. Now I can do everything. After three years of pain, I can finally get on with my life.”

Experience of Muawiyah Al-Wahidi

Muawiyah was hit by a rocket and lost his leg in that incident in 2021. He said; “I would look at myself and then look at others and say to myself, I don’t want to be different.

At first, it was hard for me and the kids. But fortunately, we got through it. Now, thank God, I can enjoy her food again.”

Experience of Mahmoud Khaled Ibrahim Khader

Mahmoud was a drug addict who lost his leg after a shot by Israeli force. He was soon able to walk by wearing a prosthesis. Mahmoud’s unexpected meeting with a group of amputee bikers led to him finding happiness.

He said; “Cycling became my escape, and through this activity, people could see that I was athletic and not on drugs.”

They moved back towards their lives after facing hardships. MSF admired the inspiration of the people who were affected by the Israeli forces in the Palestine region of Gaza.