Brasilia, 19 July 2022 (TDI): The Agreement on visa exemption for holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports was concluded between the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of Brazil on Monday, 18 July.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bangladesh Shahriar Alam, and the Foreign Minister of Brazil, Carlos Alberto Franco França signed the agreement on behalf of their respective governments.

Thus, they both signed an Agreement on the Exemption of Visa for Diplomatic and Official Passports.

Noteworthy, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh is currently on an official visit to Brazil. Additionally, the signing of the agreement was followed by a call on the day as well.

Both sides hailed it as a milestone in the bilateral relationship and re-iterated for enhancement of relations in all sectors.

Recently, the cabinet of Bangladesh approved the proposal for the signing of the agreement between the governments of both countries.

Bangladesh-Brazil relations

Relations between Bangladesh and Brazil include cooperation in agriculture as well as bilateral trade.

For instance, Bangladesh imports sugar, wheat, and cotton from Brazil and exports apparel products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and tableware. As well as vegetable textile fibre, jute goods, and manmade filaments.

Furthermore, both states have signed several MoUs on cooperation in agriculture, tourism, cultural exchange, and training.

Both countries have sought to build stronger economic ties in the post-Covid era. In 2021, during an interview, the Brazilian Ambassador to Bangladesh, Joao Tabajara de Oliveira Junior stated that Bangladesh and Brazil have the ability to make a stronger alliance.

Specifically on the trade and economic front as well as getting out of the pandemic situation at the time.

Ambassador Tabajara highlighted that there are more spaces for cooperation. Along with the ability to have normal access to each other’s market.

Noteworthy, part of the joint work results between the two countries is the establishment of Brazil-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BBCCI).