Stockholm, 6 December 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Moldova, Nicu Popescu met with the Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade of Sweden, Johan Forssell on Monday, 5 December 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the meeting, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu extended gratitude for the assistance Sweden has given to his country. He further discussed ways to maximize the positive impacts of their relations.

Also, productive discussions on the way forward in promoting stronger relations between both countries were carried out. They both looked at ways to be able to structure their relations for a stronger one.

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Adding to the fact that the Presidency of Sweden at the European Union Council (EUC) will serve as a great opportunity for them as Moldova prepares to join the European Union (EU).

He also added that Moldova is determined to join the EU and with their reform agenda, despite the manifold challenges Europe is currently facing.

They emphasized the need for protection for the region and for every member country to come together for a common goal. While Minister Johan Forsesell commended Sweden’s move to join the EU and assured them of great support.

Also present was the Foreign Minister of Sweden, Tobias Billstrom and he added, ” It was a very good meeting with Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu to confirm the country’s intention to join the EU and the strong support to be given to them.

The determination work of Moldova to join the EU is worthy of praise.” Moreover, the relations between both countries will onward be stronger than before as both leaders assured.

The need for diplomatic relations between them to keep those cordial relations cannot be overlooked. Moldova & Sweden have continued to have outstanding ties as they have assisted each other in many ways.