Bucharest, 1 December 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Moldova, Nicu Popescu attended the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Foreign Ministers’ Council in Bucharest, Romania.

NATO Foreign Ministers’ Council brought together Foreign Ministers from the member states of the organization for unity. The agenda is to deliberate on how to support member countries in these times of economic difficulties.

At the meeting, the Foreign Minister of Moldova apprised the participants of Moldova’s evolving challenges. These challenges included power outages, violation of airspace by Russian Missiles, acute energy crisis, and severe economic challenges.

Addressing Power outage

Addressing the power outage issue of the country, Nicu Popescu stated clearly that, the country has been facing a severe power outage due to the number of challenges the Russia-Ukraine war brought about.

The country has not been able to have a frequent power supply, and this is causing damage to the economic sector.

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He again talked about the violation of Moldovan airspace by Russian missiles which has been a major threat to the lives of the people. In this vein, he highlighted that the people of Moldova have not had a conducive atmosphere.

Also, he added that the country has been going through economic challenges coupled with an acute energy sector crisis. These challenges are a result of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

He continued to say, “In the face of these challenges, we are looking to consolidate our democracy and socioeconomic resilience, energy security, and enhance our ability to withstand multiple threats.”

It is pertinent to note that, this is Moldova’s first time participating in the North Atlantic Alliance (NAA) meeting. This served as an opportunity to expand cooperation with other countries.

He continued to engage other Foreign Ministers on economic, security, and defense cooperation as his country sought to overcome its economic challenges.

In his closing remarks, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the Foreign Minister of Romania, Bogdan Aurescu for inviting him to be part of this meeting.