Chisinau, 2 January 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Moldova, Nicu Popescu has outlined some achievements gained from the European Union (EU) and seeks the strengthening of relations.

In the tweet by the Foreign Minister, he stated, “Moldova became a candidate for EU accession and took decisive steps to deepen integration with the EU through various measures,” stating the measures as temporary liberalization of agricultural trade, transport facilitation, and gas and electricity interconnections.

Going in-depth, he stated that, through agricultural trade, both parties have been instrumental to the success of the agricultural establishment of the region. Stating that, the continued progress of the region in agricultural trade and investment has brought development.

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Additionally, Moldova has always promoted the vision of the organization in all aspects of the trade. The agricultural exchange between member countries is a good sign of its success.

In line with the above, they talked about the transport facilitation of the region, adding that, ways to ensure that the transport systems of the region grow is what they seek to promote. The organization has been working hard to ensure that the means of communication systems when it comes to transportation are made easier and more successful.

The energy sector of the organization was also a priority to consider. They have all constantly been involved in the region’s energy sector development and ensure that all aspects of the sector are well promoted and worked on.

The EU has several times appealed to many of its members to promote the gas and energy sector of their countries and has been instrumental in the development of the success of these countries. Moldova in their assessment made it clear that the work of the EU to ensure that they promote the sector is for the good of them.

It can be remembered that these two parties have been great partners in development and personal relations. Moldova joining the EU has not been so long, but it has done much for its success.