Chisinau, 19 December 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Nicu Popescu met with Croatia’s Chairman of the European Affairs Committee (EAC), Domagoj Hajdukovic to discuss a way forward on their collaboration.

The meeting was centered on certain key issues rated to bilateral cooperation, security, energy, and economic challenges. The discussion on bilateral trade was championed by Nicu Popescu who made it clear that Moldova is ever ready for their cooperation.

He again added that their ability to stay stronger as a nation in these diplomatic periods and the bilateral relations which should exist between them is necessary. They have all agreed to promote long-lasting relations and to stay stronger in the EU.

Talking on the issue of energy and economic challenges, both parties looked at the steps to be taken to ensure that their interest in these sectors is met.

The energy sector of every country determines its economic level, and it also stirs the various sectors of the economy.

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Adding that, the recent economic challenges have been a major issue for all countries and their ability to partner will help to support them. The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine crisis have brought economic challenges to many countries.

They seek to improve their micro and macroeconomic sector for better strengthening of the country’s development.

Free trade agreement between Croatia & Moldova

The free trade agreement was set between these two countries to ensure that, they actively participate in the economic integration of Europe.

The agreement has set good lines between them when it comes to trade. The objectives and aims of this agreement were to ensure that they promote stronger economic relations among themselves.

In line with that, security was another major issue of concern for both parties. Their ability to promote peaceful coexistence among themselves as members of the EU will help them in their development.

Nicu Popescu expressed his joy about the issues raised and the solutions they both seek to bring on board.