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Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes UNSC meeting on Afghanistan


Kabul, 07 August 2021 (TDI): Special envoys and ambassadors from 16 nations and international organizations, including five permanent Security Council members, 10 non-permanent Security Council members, and the UN Secretary-Special General’s Representative for Afghanistan, attended the conference. The conference was convened at the UN Headquarters with the collaboration and support of India, which now holds the Council’s rotating leadership, as well as Norway and Estonia, which are responsible for Afghanistan.
Mr. Mohammad Ghulam Ishaqozi, speaking on behalf of Afghanistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, expressed his gratitude for the meeting and urged the Afghan people and government to pursue and ensure the prevention of crimes against humanity. He urged the country to maintain peace and stability. In addition to stressing the importance of putting pressure on the Taliban to end the bloodshed immediately, the Afghan ambassador and permanent representative emphasized the efficient execution of the sanctions regime and UNSC Resolution 2513. Ishaqozi submitted a request to Afghanistan for a special meeting of the UNSC and the UNHR Council to prevent human rights abuses by the Taliban in Afghanistan, to comprehensively address the country’s humanitarian crisis, and to establish peace in Afghanistan.

The recent violence and terrorist acts in Afghanistan, notably the death of Mr. Dawakhan Minapal, the chief of the government media center, and the attack on the UNAMA office in Herat, have been strongly condemned by many countries.

At this meeting, the full and meaningful engagement of women in the peace process was highlighted, as was the safeguarding of women’s and minorities’ rights in this process, and these rights were regarded non-negotiable. Participants took a unified stance and highlighted the need for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

Participants at the meeting also urged the Taliban to allow the charity to continue giving aid to the needy in the areas under their control.

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