Mexico and US Agriculture Secretaries meets in Iowa

The Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico, Víctor Villalobos Arámbula, and the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, Tom Vilsack, during a bilateral meeting in Ames, Iowa.

Iowa, 21 October 2021 (TDI): The Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, Tom Vilsack, met Victor Villalobos, the Mexican Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development. After the meeting, both secretaries issued a joint statement on future policy.

In the statement both secretaries reaffirmed the importance of their agricultural trade relationship. They stated that their bilateral relationship is an exceptional case of agricultural trade. It creates jobs and provides grounds for prosperity in rural lands. The relationship is fundamental in ensuring reliable, safe, and accessible food to consumers in both countries.

Both US and Mexico stand to gain from the integration of agriculture sectors of their countries. The meeting focused on the importance of promoting rural prosperity and providing protection to workers. US and Mexico have the biggest bilateral agriculture trade relationship in the world. The meeting stressed upon the need to bring benefit to the workers in lower levels.

US and Mexico have been supporting each other during national calamities such as wildfire and droughts. The secretaries also considered the impact of climate change on the agriculture sectors of both countries. The secretaries stated that they are ”proud of shared success”. They also emphasized on the need to deal with common challenges together.

The meeting took place in Iowa, a significant location for American agriculture. Iowa is United States’ leading producer of soybeans, hogs, corn, and eggs. It also exports processed meat, cattle, pork, chicken, and eggs to Mexico.

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