Mexico City, 1 February 2022(TDI): Mexico and the United States approved the Action Plan of the Bicentenarial Understanding, on 1 February. Both will work to protect their people, prevent cross-border crime, and prosecute criminal networks. 

First, to protect their people, both will promote public health policies based on scientific evidence. Moreover, they will collaborate to have a comprehensive way to treat people who have addictive habits. 

Second, the prevention of cross-border crimes promotes safe modes of transport and trade. Both Nations will enhance the control of illicit trafficking in firearms.   Moreover, they will work to dismantle the capacity of the supply of illicit arms.  Finally, Reducing human trafficking and smuggling of migrants is another way to deal with cross-border crimes.

Third, the prosecution of criminal networks, dismantling corruption, strengthening the Capacity of Security, Justice Sectors actors to investigate and prosecute organized crime, increase cooperation to address shared threats in cyberspace. 

The Bicentenarial Understanding 

The Bicentenarial Understanding is the tool of bilateral cooperation between the governments of Mexico of Andres Lopez Obrador and the United States government of Joe Biden. 

This mechanism came to replace the Merida Initiative, which was a plan against drug trafficking promoted by former President Calderon. 

This initiative shows the progressive vision of Lopez Obrador and Joe Biden to deal with the security issues of both nations. However, it was United States Secretary of States Antony Blinken in his visit to Mexico in October of 2021 who presented this initiative. Ambassador Salazar of the United States to Mexico stressed that the project would enter into force immediately. 

The new initiative of the Bicentenarial Understanding in comparison to the Merida plan will include the resolution of different problems. According to the representatives, the plan will tackle those problems through intelligence, cooperation, and not only crime attacks.


Mexico and US relationship: An overview 

Mexico and the US established an official diplomatic relationship after the independence of Mexico in 1810. Both have representatives in their respective countries through their Embassies and Consulates. The two collaborate in different fields like trade, culture, commerce, migration, and education. Moreover, both share a long-standing relationship that is still going stronger.

The two are members of the United Nations(UN), the Organization of American States (OAS), the North American free-trade agreement (NAFTA); as well as the World trade organization (WTO).