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Mexican General Director for Europe visits Finland, Netherlands and Estonia


Mexico City, 11 October 2021 (TDI): The Mexican General Director for Europe, Bernardo Aguilar Calvo; visited Finland, Netherlands, and then Estonia; from the 6 to 8 October. Calvo was the head of the Mexican delegation; in the VII Mechanism of Political Consultations between Mexico and Netherlands.


In the Mechanism; necessary measures to Covid-19 recovery, and the importance to promote the entry of force of the Mexico-EU Modernized Global Agreement; were discussed. Calvo also had a meeting with academic specialists from the Clingendael Institute of International Relations. Calvo also visited the European Center for Space Research and Technology of the European Space Agency installations; to explore collaboration opportunities.

According to the Media Note; the last activity of Calvo’s delegation was the opening of the exposition called Viva la Frida; in the Drents de Assen Museum, that will showcase the paintings of Frida Kahlo of the Dolores Olmedo Museum. The Queen Maxima of Netherlands was in charge of the inauguration.


Then the General Director traveled to Tallin, Estonia. Calvo was also the head of the delegation once again; for the VI meeting of the Political Consultation Mechanism between Mexico and Estonia. In the Mechanism, both countries discussed regarding the developments of the bilateral relations betweeen them; and then exchanged their perspectives regarding the regional topics.


Finally, according to the Note; Calvo also traveled to Helsinki, Finland. There he met with representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry; where they analyzed the bilateral relations between Finland and Mexico; and the perspectives for the future relations.

The Note mentions that these official visits; shows the extensive reach of Mexico’s foreign policy presence, and the healthy relations of the country with Europe. It is also mentioned in the note that these visits contribute to strengthen convergences; and then bilateral initiatives with countries with which Mexico has solid ties of friendship.

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