Islamabad, 20 January 2023 (TDI): Maroof International Hospital (MIH) inaugurated an emergency care center on Friday in Islamabad. The hospital aims to assist the local community and offer them essential medical services at affordable prices.

Chairman of the MIH, Ch. Naseer Ahmed addressed the official opening. He requested his team to organize free medical clinics. He added that Maroof’s urgent care facility might benefit underserved society without access to excellent healthcare assistance.

He claims that the hospital’s administration is devoted to providing the best possible medical care in the city to ensure the world’s best standard of care.

Maroof International Hospital (MIH) inaugurated an urgent care center on Friday.
Maroof International Hospital (MIH) inaugurated an urgent care center on Friday in Islamabad

Chairman continued that the hospital is working to maintain its status as a forefront medical facility. It offers a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for staff, patients, and their families.

CEO of the hospital, Haroon Naseer, stated that the facility would grow to provide a variety of on-site diagnostic services. The majority of emergency patients can be treated at the clinic.

Haroon appreciated that services are offered at reduced costs while maintaining the same high standards as big¬†hospitals’ quality norms.

He claimed that the MIH’s ICU is a fundamental requirement of hospitals in both public and private sections. ICU has been updated and is well-equipped to provide essential patient care.

Dr. Mir Waheed, the medical director of the hospital, emphasized the services provided, including access to primary care practitioners, fracture and minor trauma care, lab services, and first aid care.

He declared that everyone would assist from the subsidized medical care provided at the center. The hospital hopes to make it easier for the local indigenous people and development workers to access healthcare.

Introduction to Maroof International Hospital

Maroof International Hospital was founded in 2009 to provide every citizen with the best possible health. It is located in the F-10 sector of Islamabad.

It is an initiative to advance healthcare. A dedicated patient coordination department of the hospital works in tandem with the patient’s doctors, nurses, and interpreters.