Lithuania Celebrates Diplomatic Relations with Korea

The Republic of Lithuania Celebrate Three Decades of Diplomatic Relations with South Korea

Vilnius, 14 October 2021(TDI): The Republic of Lithuania is celebrating thirty years of diplomatic ties with the Republic of Korea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania remarked that their friendship with Korea rests on shared democratic principles and values. The Foreign Ministry also added that by opening an embassy in Seoul, Lithuania is looking forward to increased economic and political relations.

Lithuania announced earlier this year that it would open an embassy in South Korea in September. In this regard, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania then remarked that they need to boost their exports and attract investments.

Lithuania is a Baltic state in Europe aiming to reduce economic dependence on China. in this regard, the country is looking to diversify its exports in East Asia. According to the press release by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry they are looking for new markets and opportunities in countries that Lithuania did not have deeper relations with before.

Lithuania is also looking to open its embassy in Singapore as well.

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