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Launch of Abai’s Kazakh Poetry in Pakistan’s Regional Languages


Islamabad, 23 April 2024 (TDI): Abai Qunanbaiuly, recognized as the national poet of Kazakhstan, writes about love, humanity, and learning, much like Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan’s national poet. Abai’s works resonate far beyond Kazakhstan’s borders, touching readers across diverse cultures and languages, inviting contemplation of existence and the embrace of diversity.

At the book launch ceremony for “Book of Words” by Abai, translated into Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Balochi, alongside a Kazakh-Urdu-English phrasebook, organized by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with the National Library of Pakistan and the Embassy of Kazakhstan to Pakistan, speakers emphasized the significance of cultural and language diplomacy.

Abai Kazakhstan

In her welcoming remarks, Dr. Farhat Asif, President Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, said that IPDS and The Diplomatic Insight have fostered cultural and language diplomacy by promoting the literary works of great poets and philosophers from various countries of the world.

She has underscored that the translation of Abai’s “Book of Words” into the languages of the provinces of Pakistan is a significant contribution that breaks down language barriers between our countries.

In his keynote address, Yerzhan Kistafin, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan, spoke about the influence and role of the Great Abai, his contribution to the development of literature and philosophy, while particularly highlighting the “Book of Words”.

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan emphasized the importance of developing cultural ties between the peoples of Kazakhstan and Pakistan, given their shared cultural and historical heritage. The Ambassador shared that the collaborative literary works paved the way for greater cooperation between the nations of Kazakhstan and Pakistan, building deepened ties.

The Ambassador has praised the outstanding work done by the translators from NUML University who have captured the essence of Abai’s literary work in different languages.

The President of the Cultural Institute of the Economic Cooperation Organization, Dr. Saad S. Khan, who took part in the online format from Tehran, noted the enduring values preached by Abai in his works are not limited to contemporary Kazakhstan but also to the broader region and the global community.

Abai Kazakhstan

Dr. Saad Khan requested that the presented books be given to the #ECO Library Foundation. Director of Allama Iqbal Open University of Educational Technology, Irfan Ali Ansari, noted that the presentation of books is a bridge in cultural interaction between the two countries.

Former Director General of the Pakistan Literary Academy, Dr. Khalid Iqbal Yasir, who first translated “Book of Words” into Urdu back in 1997, elaborated on the life and work of the Great Abai, his contribution to the development of Kazakh literature to the participants.

Director General of the National Library of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Iqbal Khan, emphasized that literature is a tool for uniting peoples, which helps to transcend borders and strengthen mutual understanding between countries.

At the end of the event, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan. Ambassador Yerzhan Kistafin presented the gifts of books to the Dean Diplomatic Corps to the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Pakistan, Atajan Movlamov, Director General of the National Library of Pakistan, and other distinguished speakers.

Chief Executive Officer of Diplomatic Insight Muhammad Asif Noor and Azeem Iqbal presented a portrait of Abai to the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan. The event was attended by academics and members of the civil society as well as the diplomatic corps accredited in Islamabad.

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