Islamabad, 18 May 2023 (TDI): Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Ulanbek Totuiaev met with Rana Ihsaan Afzal Khan, the Coordinator representing the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Commerce and Industry, in a highly constructive meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Muhammad Asif Noor, Chairman of the Global Business Alliance, also participated in the meeting, adding valuable insights to the discussions. The session focused on strengthening bilateral trade relations and exploring new avenues of cooperation between the two nations.

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Premier Coordinator Khan was enthusiastic about amplifying the economic alliance between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. He acknowledged the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration in various sectors, including trade, investment, and industry.

Khan underlined the essence of seeking out new paths of engagement that may lead to enhanced bilateral trade and shared prosperity for both nations.

Ishaan commented that we are delighted to engage in practical discussions further to intensify our bilateral trade relations with Kyrgyzstan. Our governments share a shared vision of expanding economic ties, and we are committed to exploring new opportunities and areas of collaboration for mutual benefit.

Envoy Totuiaev appreciated the Pakistani government’s cordial welcome and hospitality. During the session, he stressed the significance of strengthening commercial links between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan, stating that there is enormous unexplored potential in numerous industries that can benefit both countries.

Totuiaev encouraged more crucial collaboration in the tourist, textile, agricultural, and other industrial sectors. He discussed Pakistan’s position in assisting in exporting Kyrgyz commodities to worldwide markets, primarily through the Gwadar Port. 

Diplomatic Totuiaev and Premier Coordinator Khan recognized the significance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and studied Kyrgyzstan’s perspective on this transformative project.

They agreed that CPEC is an excellent regional connectivity and economic integration medium.

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They also highlighted the value of exploiting regional linkages for commercial expansion to deepen involvement with the participating countries.

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The representatives of the two nations expressed mutual interest in exploring options for Kyrgyz Pakistan business engagement. They also spoke on the significance of lowering trade barriers and streamlining customs procedures to promote more straightforward trade between them.

They addressed the possibility of forming cooperative working groups to solve trade challenges while enhancing the business environment.

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The spokespersons also acknowledged the tourism industry’s great potential for fostering intercultural dialogue and people connections throughout this discussion.

They encouraged business delegates and people from both nations to visit each other’s spectacular landscapes and cultural heritage, emphasizing the ease of travel via direct flights between Bishkek and Islamabad.

The conversation was optimistic, with participants reiterating their dedication to bolstering the economic ties between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. Hopefully, it would be the groundwork for further collaboration, creating more possibilities for success in both countries.

Kyrgyz Embassy and the Government of Pakistan are devoted to strengthening bilateral commercial relations and identifying new opportunities for cooperation. They emphasize maintaining momentum and achieving tangible results through regular high-level exchanges.