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Kenya signs agreements with Poland on agriculture and taxes


Nairobi, 7 February 2024 (TDI): Kenya signs agreements with Poland on agriculture cooperation and tax solidarity. They have signed two bilateral agreements that aimed at boosting relations between the countries. The signing of the agreements took place at the state house in Nairobi.

On Monday, Kenyan President, William Ruto and his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda witnessed the signings of these agreements themselves.

Without any doubt, President Ruto praised the strong relations between the two countries. Further, he emphasized that the Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between them would build solid commitment to foster bilateral partnerships and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Moreover, Dr. Ruto also highlighted that additional agreements with Poland are in the line of development. He stated in this regard that they are committed to ensuring their effective execution of plans.

Later on, both presidents engaged in the Kenya-Poland business and economic forum. At this forum, both countries have endorsed various forms of collaboration between Ken Invest and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, as well as between their national chambers of commerce.

Agreements on Agriculture and Taxes

Significantly, the two leaders have agreed to collaborate in agriculture to meet the demand for wheat and grain products in Kenya. Additionally, President Ruto highlighted Kenya’s role as the gateway to the East African Community (EAC) market. He emphasized Kenya’s possession of the largest seaports in the region.

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Furthermore, he extended an invitation to Poland. He suggested that Poland should explore Mombasa and Lamu ports. Undoubtedly, Kenya sees these ports as potential logistical hubs for exporting products, including grains, to both the region and other destinations while Kenya signs agreements with Poland.

However, despite Ruto’s statement, concerns persist that Kenya’s punitive tax system has transformed the country into a starting point for foreign investors. These foreign investors then redirect their investments to neighboring countries. Essentially, once investors arrive in Kenya, they begin to move on to bordering countries with more favorable systems of taxation.

During the visit, President Ruto urged President Duda to consider endorsing the Call to Action framed in the “Nairobi Declaration”. This was embraced by global leaders during the Africa Climate Summit held in September last year.


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