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Japan, Pakistan emphasize to deepen mutually beneficial ties


Tokyo, 19 April 2024 (TDI): A significant diplomatic meeting took place between the Director General (Asian Affairs Department) of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and  Additional Foreign Secretary (Asia & Pacific) Ambassador Imran Ahmed Siddiqui at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo.

They engaged in comprehensive discussions, underscoring the paramount importance of bolstering bilateral relations between Japan and Pakistan.

Japan and Pakistan emphasized mutual benefits and the multifaceted nature of their collaboration, the dialogue encompassed key sectors such as trade, investment, education, culture, defense, and manpower export.

Recognizing the significance of these sectors in fostering robust ties between the two nations, they underscored the need for continued dialogue and engagement to deepen mutual understanding and maximize the benefits of the partnership.

Additionally, the discussion touched upon strengthening cooperation in defense matters, emphasizing mutual security interests and regional stability.

Enhancing bilateral dialogue

Recognizing the importance of cultural exchange and educational collaboration, initiatives were explored to foster greater understanding and people-to-people connections between the two nations.

Both sides acknowledged the significance of manpower export and explored avenues to further facilitate this aspect of bilateral cooperation.

Furthermore, there was a mutual agreement on the necessity to intensify bilateral dialogue and engagement to fortify the already robust and mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations.

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This meeting highlighted the commitment of both nations to deepen cooperation and strengthen ties across multiple domains for the prosperity and development of both countries.

This meeting between the Director General and Ambassador Siddiqui stands as a testament to the steadfast dedication of both nations toward deepening their bonds of friendship, cooperation, and mutually beneficial ties.

It paves the way for a brighter, longstanding tie between the two nations and a more prosperous future for the people of Japan and Pakistan.

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