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Azerbaijan Airlines start direct flight to Karachi


Karachi, 20 April 2024 (TDI): Azerbaijan Airlines start direct flight to Karachi, on Thursday. Direct flights will be operated between Baku and Karachi twice a week.

Azerbaijan Airlines made history with its inaugural direct flight from Baku to Karachi, landing at Jinnah International Airport last night.

This marks the beginning of regular air operations by Azerbaijan Airlines, with flights scheduled to operate twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Khazar Farhadov, was also present at the airport to receive the first flight of Azerbaijan Airlines at Karachi Airport. The first flight from Karachi to Baku will leave on Saturday.

Last month, the airline announced to start of operations in Karachi. The start of flight operations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan is part of the bilateral agreement between the two countries.

After Lahore and Islamabad, Karachi is the third city to enter the network of Azerbaijan Airlines. On his visit to Karachi, the Azerbaijan Ambassador met with Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori. Both took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Karachi Airport to welcome Azerbaijan Airlines’s first flight to Karachi.

Azerbaijan Airlines recently revealed its plan to expand flight operations and network within Pakistan. The airline, also called AZAL, expressed its intention to “improve connectivity between the two nations” with this initiative.

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The ambassador from Azerbaijan to Pakistan said their countries get along well on political and military issues, and they have a long history of friendship.

But he said they should also do more business together. To make this happen, he suggested including private companies in working groups set up by the two governments in December 2021.

The ambassador wants businesses in Azerbaijan and Pakistan to work together more closely. He suggested inviting private companies to join teams focused on areas like trade, farming, banking, and tourism. These teams, created by the two governments, would help businesses in both countries work together better.


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