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IUCN and Baanhn Beli celebrate the World Environment Day in Tharparkar


June 04, 2021, Karachi (TDI): IUCN Pakistan and Baanhn Beli celebrated World Environment Day in Nagarparkar, Tharparkar. A large number of participants from different walks of life and women attended the event. The theme of the Day for this year is “Restoration of Ecosystem”.

Dr. Shankar Lal, Executive Member of Baanhn Beli thanked the participants and appreciated the efforts of IUCN in highlighting the importance of World Environment Day in the country. He pointed out that the fragile ecosystem of Tharkarpark is under stress and a serious and collective effort is required to restore it.

Speaking at the event, IUCN Coordinator, Naveed Ali Soomro highlighted the importance of ecosystem restoration and emphasized the need to raise awareness among the local people for protecting the unique ecosystem of Tharkarpark. He said that IUCN Pakistan is implementing a second project in Tharkarkar in collaboration with Baanhn Beli for the conservation of Vultures. He said that this project aims to restore the habitat of vultures which will help in enhancing the population of vultures in Pakistan.

Representative of Thar Foundation, Dr. Ashok Bakhtani said that contaminated water is a source of many diseases in Tharparkar and this gathering encourages people of Tharparkar to protect their natural environment as their safety and good health depends on a better environment

Narender Kumar representing Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company said that the opportunity of hosting this environment day in Pakistan also entrusts

a great responsibility on us to spread awareness about global warming and its impacts on the planet amongst the masses. He quoted an example of Greta Thunberg a Swedish environmental activist who is internationally known for her fight for climate change mitigation. He said that in Pakistan we need to create awareness among the youth for saving the planet earth.




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