Rome, 5 August 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Italy, Anna Maria Anders, met the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry of Italy, Ettore Sequi to discuss the Ukraine crises, food security, and humanitarian crises.

The official representatives from both countries, on Thursday, discussed major issues linked with the Ukraine crisis. Further, the two sides agreed on mutual assistance for Ukraine in its war against Russia.

During the meeting, the two dignitaries also discussed the global food crisis. Both sides showed their support for the grain export to Ukraine.

Moreover, Italy and Poland are also members North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). As NATO allies, the two sides agreed on remaining in close coordination amid Russian aggression against Ukraine, “acting together with timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness.”

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Support for Ukraine

Poland has been an avid supporter of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. It has been the host of the highest number of Ukrainian refugees, estimated at over 3 million, since the Russian Invasion.

Additionally, Poland has also worked to reduce Ukraine’s energy dependency on Russia.

Meanwhile, the Government of Italy also enjoys good bilateral relations with Ukraine. Amid the Ukraine-Russian conflict, Italy has been facilitating Ukraine with many projects such as the “Comune adopta Comune” project. The Italian project aims to reconstruct the Ukrainian towns and cities affected during the war.

Italy-Poland Relations

Italy and Poland enjoy longstanding bilateral relations in terms of their historic, cultural, economic, and political ties. Italy is its fifth partner of Poland in terms of export and fourth in terms of Polish imports.

Moreover, Italy was one of the greatest European supporters of Polish membership in the European Union, as well as NATO.