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Iraq’s first ministerial council session of 2024


Baghdad, 4 January 2024(TDI): In a significant move in 2024, Iraq’s Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Muhammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, conducted its first regular ministerial session.

The session involved discussions on the country’s position, major concerns, and various topics, ultimately leading to the adoption of several objectives.

The Cabinet has given the Iraqi Journalists Association 5 billion Iraqi dinars. This fund will be used to pay for medical expenses for old, ill, and injured journalists, to develop their social solidarity program, and to assist the families of nearly 500 journalist martyrs.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani stated during the first session of the Council of Ministers in 2024, “We are preparing to launch the second semi-annual report with the priorities achieved, and he added that “and we confirm that the international financial institutions recognize and acknowledge that Iraq has laid sound foundations for reforming the financial sector.”

Support to the children of the Christian community in their resettlement areas. The following actions have been decided:

In accordance with the updated Law on the Selling and Renting of State Property (21 of 2013), the Cabinet granted the sale of 700 land plots specifically for Christian locals in Kasbah.

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The Iraq’s government has chosen 99 general directors after analyzing their performance according to mechanisms and standards.

On top of that, with a target date of June 30, 2024, a committee comprised of the Ministries of Migration and Displacement, Education, Health, and the Kurdistan Regional Government has been formed to supervise camp closings as well as promote the peaceful return of displaced people.

In addition, under the modified Investment Law (Law 13 of 2006), the Cabinet has granted approval to AHL AL-WAFAA Company’s investment project in Al-Salam District 21, Baghdad Governorate. Also, the committee approved a price of 100,000 dinars per ton of black oil product delivered to all brick factories.

The project, valued at $736,243,600, includes areas held by the Housing Construction Association for Ministry of Defense officers.

Moreover, in accordance with constitutional rules, the Iraq’s Cabinet has approved a second revision to the Supreme Commission’s Hajj and Umrah Law (No. 23 of 2005). Most importantly, plans to simplify government procedures in state departments were also approved.


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Aqsa Bibi
Aqsa Bibi
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