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Iraq’s Ambassador attends Iraqi-German cooperation program


Baghdad, 30 September 2021 (TDI): The Ambassador of Iraq to Berlin, Luqman Abdul Rahim Al-Faili, participated in the Iraqi-German cooperation program arranged by the NUMOV economic association. The meeting happened in berlin capital of Germany. The importance of the meeting was to keep bilateral relations strong between Iraq and Germany.

The relationship is strategic that Iraq controls sufficient energy and natural resources and looks forward to enhancing the investments in German companies.

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They believed in Iraq’s interest in investing in energy, petrochemicals, health, and education sectors. The finance committee in parliament said that the Iraqi government is ready for endowing and new developments. In the end, the Iraqi delegation also went to the German ministry of economy and energy.

The official forum consisted of Deputy Head of Mission, Mr.

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Ahmed Al-Saadi, the Commercial Attaché, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Al-Azzawi, the Iraqi delegation of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Mr.

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Ahmed Al-Saffar, the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr. Faris Issa, the head of the Region’s Investment Commission, Mr. Muhammad Shukri Zebari, and the adviser in the House of Representatives, Mr. Hussein Al-Anbak.

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