Washington: July 27, 2021- (TDI): The Prime Minister of Iraq Mustafa Al Kadhimi met with the President of the US, Joe Biden at the White House. This was the start of the official visit of the Prime Minister of Iraq to the United States of America (USA/US).

President Biden and Mustafa Al Kadhimi both promised to end the US combat mission in the country by the end of 2021. However, the US forces will continue to operate in the country in an advisory role.

He also stated that US troops will assist the Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS. The two also deliberated upon the current economic status of the country as well as the security challenges because of the regional instability. Presently, the Middle Eastern region is facing turmoil in the form of many conflicts.

US’ military presence in Iraq became the highlight of the meeting
The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa Al Kadhimi (L) with the President of the USA, Joe Biden (R) at the White House

US’ military presence in Iraq became the highlight between the two allies after the Trump administration aimed at targeting the Iranian General, Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike, earlier in 2020.

Al Kadhimi, the Iraqi Prime Minister also told the press that there is no need for foreign combat forces on Iraqi soil anymore. The security forces of Iraq and its army are capable enough to defend and safeguard their country without any need for the help of US coalition forces or any other outside assistance.

In addition to that, he further stated along with appreciating the people of the US on behalf of all the Iraqi citizens and declared that presently, the nation is stronger than ever before. The US and Iraq are strategic partners, given the significance of Iraq in the region. For the last two decades, the US has remained involved in Iraq, politically as well as militarily.