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Iran-Israel escalation sparks Global concerns


Tehran, 19 April 2024 (TDI): Several official sources have reported a global response over the Iran-Israel escalation cycle in the wake of Israel’s reported attack.

A member of the Iranian parliament Mehdi Toghyani criticized that the “desperate attempt” from Israel “with the help of local agents” had “failed and brought new disgrace for them.”

“Let them know that we are at peak readiness to protect our dear Iran,” he asserted.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian army’s ground forces Kioumars Heydari reiterated Iran’s vigilant posture to confront any other potential aerial threats.

“If suspicious flying objects appear in the sky of the country, they will be targeted by our powerful air defence,” he explained.

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‘Risk turning into a permanent conflict’

Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Ministry mentioned that it is “closely” monitoring the recent developments in the region.

Also, it has called on all parties to refrain from steps that could lead to a wider conflict.

“In light of the latest developments, it is becoming increasingly evident that the tensions that were initially caused by Israel’s illegal attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus risk turning into a permanent conflict,” a Ministry statement stressed.

‘US not involved in offensive operation’

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken succinctly shared the US strategic viewpoint with reporters after the G7 meeting in Italy.

“The US is committed to Israel’s security and de-escalation in the Middle East”.

Furthermore, he refused to comment on Israel’s reported attack saying “I’m not going to speak to that, except to say that the United States has not been involved in any offensive operation.”

‘Iran doesn’t want escalation’

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted that he had conversations with both the Iranian and Israeli representatives.

“We made it very clear in these conversations; we told the Israelis that Iran does not want escalation,” he said in an interview with Russian radio stations.

The US got ‘last-minute’ warning about an attack on Iran

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani told reporters after the G7 meeting that the US told the G7 ministers that it had been “informed at the last minute” about the attack.


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