New York, 24 September 2023 (TDI):  The United Nations convened a high-level meeting dedicated to combatting tuberculosis at its headquarters, coinciding with the annual General Assembly gathering on Friday, September 22.

During this significant event, the Iranian delegation took the opportunity to spotlight Iran’s notable achievements and positive outcomes in the fight against tuberculosis.


They emphasized the importance of this high-level meeting in bolstering international cooperation aimed at eradicating tuberculosis worldwide.

Participants in the meeting expressed deep concerns regarding the detrimental and destructive effects of oppressive sanctions on individuals’ right to health and the right to life.

Additionally, they stressed the urgent necessity of providing technical assistance and modern diagnostic tools to developing countries to enhance their capabilities in tackling tuberculosis.

The United Nations General Assembly has scheduled its second high-level meeting on the fight against tuberculosis for September 22, with a specific focus on the theme:

“Advancing science, finance, and innovation, and their benefits, to urgently end the global tuberculosis epidemic, particularly by ensuring equitable access to prevention, testing, treatment, and care.”

Collaborating closely with the office of the President of the General Assembly, co-facilitators, Member States, and partners, including civil society, the World Health Organization (WHO) is actively involved in preparing for this UN high-level meeting.

The primary objective is to conduct a comprehensive review of the progress made in achieving the targets set forth in the 2018 political declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals, placing tuberculosis at the forefront of global health priorities.

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This meeting underscores the global community’s commitment to addressing the tuberculosis epidemic comprehensively and collaboratively.

As with Iran playing a significant role in sharing its achievements and contributing to the collective efforts to combat this infectious disease.