Astana, 12 October 2022 (TDI): Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, Pakistan, and the International Centre of Scientific Collaborations (ICSC), Kazakhstan, signed an agreement of cooperation for the joint academic, media, research, and develop linkages between the two institutions and countries.

Muhammad Asif Noor,  Director  Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, and Kussainova Lazzat A, President of the International Centre of Scientific Collaborations, signed the cooperation agreement today in Astana.

IPDS and ICSC will collaborate for joint Research collaboration and develop programs and proposals to avail the government and non-governmental grants for research, academic publications, and training in Media and communications.

Both organizations have agreed to work together to  Improve the scientific, educational, and research levels of the Institutes through joint research. Through various joint Research Publications on new insights into media and communications and joint Training programs for the young media enthusiast, both organizations will promote people-to-people linkages.


Both organizations will host joint webinars, seminars, workshops, dialogues, and other academic activities from both sides. It was agreed that through the exchange of experienced Scholars and Professionals on mutually beneficial levels, collaborative relations for mutual interest would be promoted.

Both organizations will also exchange information and opinions on topics relevant to political, economic, social, and strategic studies, international relations, foreign policy, regional and interregional development, and other subjects/issues of common interest.

IPDS,  established in June 2014, is a Pakistan-based independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit Research, Advocacy, and Public Diplomacy Think and Tank.  IPDS aims to strengthen Pakistan’s influential role in global diplomacy through innovative and cutting-edge research, effective advocacy, dialogues series, education modules, consultancy services, well-built & knitted public diplomacy initiatives, and engagements in the thematic areas of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.   IPDS envisions itself as a degree-awarding higher education institution related explicitly to Diplomacy and Diplomatic Training and Peace and Development Studies.

International Centre for Scientific Collaboration is Astana based Non for Profit organization with a vision to create global collaboration to promote research, development, and knowledge exchange.

Both sides agree to continue the discussions in the coming future and arrange various events and joint working groups, especially on the 30th Anniversary of the Diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.