Bali, 3 September 2022 (TDI): Under its G20 Presidency, Indonesia is hosting a Digital Network Innovative (DIN) Forum from 2nd to 4th September. The event is being held at the Bali International Convention Centre (BICC), Aston Denpasar in Bali.

Many digital companies and startups have joined the event on behalf of their countries in G20. The event formally started on 3rd September.

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia, Johnny G. Plate commerced the event with his opening remarks.

During his remarks, Minister Johnny welcomed all the participants and extended his gratitude for joining the G20 DIN in Bali. He highlighted that G20 DIN helps in encouraging collaboration between the creative ideas of Indonesian start-ups with venture capitalists.

According to the minister, DIN also supports the growth of start-ups, which are expected to encourage the development of the digital economy in Indonesia and the world.

Consequently, he hoped that the event will be successful in strengthening collaboration for digital innovation.

Aim of the Event

The G20 DIN event brings together startups and innovative companies from around the world to suggest solutions to the different issues faced by the world.

Moreover, speakers share insights about the digital ecosystem, investment potentials in emerging markets, and future technology innovations, during the event.

Additionally, it also organizes sessions on panel discussions, startup pitching, one on one business meetings, and startup exhibition.

Moreover, the event emphasizes discussions on green and renewable energy, healthcare, and education technology.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo will be addressing the event, along with other keynote speakers. Other Keynote Speakers include the Coordinating Minister of Maritime and Investment Affairs, Luhut B. Pandjaltan, and many more.

Purpose of the G20 DIN

G20 Digital Innovation Network is a premiere forum to share knowledge, encourage discussion, and build partnerships among global innovation players.

The G20 countries recognize that they hold a strategic role in securing future global economic growth and prosperity. Together, the G20 members represent more than 80% of world GDP, 75% of international trade, and 60& of the world population.

Therefore, the G20 Innovation Network aims to serve as a bridge of cooperation between public and private innovation players, startups, and corporates on a global scale.

During its Summits, startup companies share innovative solutions to address urgent issues faced by the world. It also helped in the recovery phase in the post-pandemic era.

The network was initiated by Italy in 2021 during its G20 Presidency. The aim to foster cooperation between public and private innovation players inspired Indonesia in continuing the league during its G20 Presidency.

Indonesia G20 Presidency:

Under its Recover Together; Recover stronger slogan, Indonesia recognizes the importance of collective action and inclusive collaboration among countries.

The global pandemic has affected every aspect of society, from health and education to international trade. At the same time, gaps in countries’ capacities to address the crisis continue to prevent the world from fully controlling the common problems.

Within its G20 Presidency, Indonesia focuses on three main pillars for its G20 2022 Presidency. These pillars are Global Health Architecture, Sustainable Energy Transition, and Digital Transformation.

Through this, Indonesia aims to take the lead in ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, promoting sustainable and inclusive economic development, and revolutionizing the digital economy.