Beijing, 5 February 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan concluded his meetings with the senior leadership of the Chinese state-owned and private companies.

The meetings concluded in the Chinese capital, Beijing. Several business executives met the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the talks. Following were the eminent executives:

Chairman of China Energy Engineering Cooperation abbreviated as CEEC, Chairman of China State Construction Engineering Cooperation abbreviated as CSCEC, Chairman of Power China, Chairman of East Sea Group.

In addition, he met with the Chairman China Railway Group Limited shortened as CREC, Chairman China Metallurgical Group Cooperation abbreviated as MCC, Chairman Beijing Century Industrial  Development Co. Limited abbreviated as CENTINCO, and the Chairman CHINAMEX Group.

Matters discussed during the Meetings

During the meetings, the executives briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan over several things. The progress of the companies’ ongoing projects in Pakistan was shared.

Plans regarding future investments in Pakistan were also shared. The investment would be worth billions of US dollars, it was stated.

Investment sectors were particularly shared. Namely, Energy, Refining, Petrochemical, Development of Infrastructure, Management of Water, Information and Communication Technology, and Residence and Housing.

Domains and Expertise of the earlier mentioned Companies
  • China Energy – It has expertise in the fields of energy, water management, transportation, and construction as well.
  • CSCEC-  It is operating in the fields of communications and engineering.
  • Power China – It serves in the sectors of energy and water.
  • East Sea Group – It is an international company. It deals in energy and the trading of chemicals.
  • CREC – A real estate development and engineering company. It also deals in railways and the mining sectors.
  • MCC – It is the world’s largest metallurgical contractor in construction.
  • CHINAMEX Group –  It has done many urban development projects in various countries.
  • CENTINCO – It has expertise in petrochemical projects. It also specializes in industrial and infrastructure refining projects.