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Impending dangers to U.S. diplomats in Kabul


Kabul: July 24, 2021- (TDI): Since, the Pentagon’s efforts have come to an end, new challenges have emerged for U.S. diplomats and aid workers who currently reside in Afghanistan to bring the warring country to peace. It is expected that their attempts to provide protection to the women of Afghanistan will be a much harder task now that the Pentagon has officiated its military withdrawal. The present officials belonging to the U.S. embassy in Kabul have highlighted a wide range of obstacles they may have to overcome in achieving their goals, especially due to the prevailing pandemic. This includes the issues created by the country’s geography, unmatched levels of poverty and tribal and ethnic divisions that add to the complexity of the civilian mission being conducted by the U.S.

Among the newly arisen diplomatic challenges is the fear of the Kabul government’s possible inability to continue functioning as desired and the very less chances of peace talks to come to a beneficial outcome.  A major challenge that has surfaced is that of supervising the spending of $3 billion the U.S. is supposed to provide annually for the funding of Afghan military forces. The significance of this funding lies in the fact that the success of Afghan military is central to the success of its government’s survival.

The military departure also means calculated mobility for officials to monitor the assistance portfolio of Afghanistan which has previously been the largest recipient of U.S. aid. To continue overseeing in highly unsafe areas from a distance, officials have no choice but to depend upon local aid groups as they possess the means to aid the process. Despite these numerous obstacles, the U.S. is not willing to abandon Afghanistan in its struggle to achieve national stability.

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