Washington D.C., 1 July 2022 (TDI): The Managing Director of IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, attended the ESG Global Leaders Summit 2022 at Sina Finance.

The Managing Director of IMF congratulated all respected delegates for organizing such a great and successful ESG Global Leaders’ Summit 2022.

The purpose behind organizing the summit was to identify all existing and emerging important challenges regarding the economy in different states around the world. These economic challenges include; disruptive geopolitical developments, flagging growth, rising inflation, tighter financial conditions, and an ongoing global pandemic.

Furthermore, the Managing Director said that IMF is now ready to work on shared global goals by adopting sustainable development and carbon neutrality policies practically.

The Constantly increasing investors and the number of purchasers are looking to incorporate social, environmental, and governance considerations into investment strategies and their financial decisions.

The Managing Director also stated that now IMF is ready to collaborate with the International community and will contribute as a member of ESG to create a better taxonomy for financial instruments of ESG.

ESG And IMF Collaboration

The Managing Director also mentioned that now IMF is actively working on climate strategy by helping the Member States, such as China which has initiated practical implementation of policies for environmental protection to fulfill climate goals.

The Collective target of IMF and ESG is to cut carbon emissions, access climate finance, boost resilience and ensure a transition. IMF also appreciates China’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality before 2060.

Kristalina Georgieva The Managing Director of IMF continues by stating that IMF appreciates China’s struggle to modify its green finance framework further by developing the green bond taxonomy, sharing platforms, piloting the new information, and improving environmental information for financial institutions and corporate.

At the end of the Speech Managing Director of IMF stated that to address climate change issues a holistic approach is required to integrate social and environmental governance issues as well as suitable policy incentives. ESG Global Leaders’ Summit 2022 and its attention to these issues are very accurate and requirements of the current time.

Lastly, the Managing Director of IMF again thanked the organizer for such an informative summit and also acknowledged the efforts of China for Shifting to Sustainable Economy.

Kristalina Georgieva gave her best wishes for a future successful Summit.