London, 8 May 2023 (TDI): Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif warmly received First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf, of Pakistani origin, during his visit to the United Kingdom.

Premier Sharif congratulated First Minister Yousaf on his historic appointment as the First Minister of Scotland. He acknowledged that this milestone brought immense pride to Pakistan and motivated the Pakistani diaspora worldwide.

Sharif noted that it was evidence of the incredible accomplishments and contributions of British Pakistanis in various spheres of British society. He also emphasized the significance of their collective efforts in shaping the multicultural fabric of the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister commended Yousaf’s dedication to serving Scotland’s people, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equality.

Both leaders expressed a desire to deepen Pakistan-Scotland ties. They underlined the shared values and cultural links that unite the two countries. They also recognized the historical affinities and enduring people-to-people relations that serve as the relationship’s bedrock.

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Realizing the immense potential for collaboration in various sectors, Premier Shehbaz and First Minister Yousaf agreed to work closely together to strengthen the Pakistan-Scotland relationship further.

They stressed the value of facilitating joint ventures in crucial sectors such as education, skills development, and renewables. Additionally, they shared a vision for utilizing these areas of collaboration for mutual benefit and sustainable growth.

In a gesture of friendship, Prime Minister Shehbaz humbly invited First Minister Yousaf to visit Pakistan, which he accepted enthusiastically. Sharif hoped that the visit of the First Minister would open new avenues of cooperation and deepen the bonds of friendship between Pakistan and Scotland.

He also reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to supporting Scotland in its endeavors. He expressed optimism for a prosperous future built on shared values and aspirations.

During their meeting, Prime Minister Shehbaz appreciated the Scottish government’s generous contribution to flood relief efforts last year. He remarked that this solidarity revealed the strong bond between the two nations and demonstrated Scotland’s commitment to supporting Pakistan during times of need.

The meeting concluded positively, with both leaders expressing their enthusiasm for the opportunities. They affirmed their determination to harness the potential of the Pakistan-Scotland relationship for the mutual benefit of their people and to contribute to global peace, prosperity, and harmony.

Humza Yousaf: Diverse Scot Leading Forward

Humza Yousaf, the newly appointed First Minister of Scotland, embarked on a historical journey as he takes the nation’s helm. As a proud Scot of Pakistani origin, Yousaf’s position resonated with diverse communities and symbolized Scotland’s inclusive spirit.

The First Minister pledged to govern for all, ensuring equal representation and opportunities for every citizen with unwavering dedication.

Yousaf’s visionary leadership, built on empathy and understanding, will foster a united Scotland that embraces its multicultural heritage. The country is prepared to enter a new era of progressive governance under Yousaf’s dynamic leadership.