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Global Leaders Gather at the World Peace Forum 2023


Beijing, 4 July 2023 (TDI):  In a remarkable display of unity, the 4th plenary session of the World Peace Forum 2023 welcomed distinguished panelists from Indonesia, South Korea, France, the United States, and China.

This esteemed group engaged in a profound discussion on the significance of regional cooperation in fostering global peace. Their thought-provoking insights shed light on the path to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

The panelists emphasized the pivotal role played by regional cooperation in forging a harmonious global landscape. They recognized that collaboration between diverse regions is essential for achieving lasting peace. Through open and honest dialogue, the panelists advocated for the following key principles:

Independence and Mutual Respect

Panelists stressed the necessity of recognizing and respecting the sovereignty of each nation, fostering an atmosphere of independence, and honoring the diversity of cultures and values.

 Dialogue and Consultation to Resolve Conflicts

The importance of peaceful dialogue and meaningful consultations in resolving conflicts was underlined. The panelists urged nations to engage in constructive conversations to bridge differences and find common ground.

Multilateralism for Global Governance

The panelists highlighted the indispensability of multilateralism in addressing global challenges. They underscored the need for collective action and cooperation among nations to tackle complex issues such as climate change, poverty, and security.

 Inclusiveness and Win-Win Cooperation

The panelists emphasized the power of inclusiveness and win-win cooperation as catalysts for sustainable development. They believe that all regions can thrive and contribute to global progress by fostering mutual understanding, collaboration, and shared benefits.

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Vice President Han Zheng, addressing the audience at the World Peace Forum, emphasized the importance of these principles. He called upon leaders from around the world to embrace these values, stressing that by doing so, we can build a world that is characterized by peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.


The World Peace Forum 2023 continues to serve as a critical platform for global leaders to unite, exchange ideas, and envision a better future. It seeks to inspire actionable steps toward a more peaceful and cooperative world through fruitful discussions.


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