Islamabad, 13 December 2022 (TDI): Germany is providing aid to World Food Program (WFP) in Pakistan for the rehabilitation of flood victims. The aid is provided through the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Foreign Office.

Germany has now contributed the amount of 36 million Euros to WFP. WFP will use these funds to help a large number of people disrupted by the terrible floods in Pakistan.

Moreover, the aid will also allow rehabilitation, social inclusion, and food assistance to the victims of the floods. In addition to this, Germany has contributed a total amount of 41 million Euros to WFP Pakistan until now.

WFP in Pakistan

Since 1968, WFP has operated in Pakistan. WFP is rapidly extending its food assistance activity in response to the government of Pakistan’s recent request in order to meet the needs of those affected by the floods.

In collaboration with the Pakistani government, WFP offers humanitarian aid and disaster relief to the most vulnerable groups of people. It provides aid during and after catastrophes to address their basic food and nutrition needs.

WFP through leadership, lobbying, policy support, programs, supplementation, evidence generation, and innovation, continues to enhance nutrition in Pakistan. This includes supporting novel strategies like the stunting prevention model.

Moreover, it collaborates with the National and Provincial Fortification Alliances to advance the rice and chakki wheat flour fortification agenda, treating acute malnutrition and preventing stunting in children under five.

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Furthermore, In areas hit by droughts or floods, or where displaced people are making their way home, WFP offers cash and food assistance in exchange for involvement in the building and repair of community resources.

The WFP offers technical help, capacity building, community-based disaster risk management, and implementation of a commodities management system, as well as a helpline for beneficiary feedback.