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Gaza marks 100 days of ongoing extermination


Gaza, 16 January 2024 (TDI): The Embassy of Palestine, Foreign Affairs and Expatriates observes that Gaza marks 100 days since the ongoing extermination of people in the Gaza Strip.

Simultaneously, “we commemorate 75 years since the international community’s failure to end the occupation. This period has witnessed unimaginable suffering, pain, torment, oppression, and tears for the Palestinian people.”

The international community reproduces its failure to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy regarding the Palestinian issue and repeats its inability and failure to resolve the issue.

The Palestinian Authority aims to end the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine. This effort is focused on enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination.

However, the failure to achieve a resolution allows the occupying state to persist in benefiting from this situation. This ongoing inaction provides the occupying state with the opportunity to commit further war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Unjust Siege and Exploitation of Humanitarian Needs

100 days in which the occupation army turned the Gaza Strip into an uninhabitable place and committed horrific crimes that claimed the lives of nearly 100,000 Palestinians, including martyrs, missing persons, and wounded, the majority of whom were children and women, and forced displacement on nearly 2 million Palestinians without any safe shelter and without the minimum amount of shelter.

The necessities of life and basic human needs, where famine circles expand and diseases and epidemics spread in light of the continuous destruction of health centers and the absence of treatments and medicines, in a cycle of certain death in various forms that threatens the lives of citizens in the Gaza Strip.

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This is in addition to the systematic occupation war to destroy UNRWA and put it out of service, with all the dimensions that this entails. Political, and a complete survey of the camps and areas in the Gaza Strip in preparation for reformulating the reality of the Strip in all its urban and population dimensions in a way that serves the occupation’s agenda.

Israeli officials arrogantly and proudly continued the war of extermination on the Gaza Strip. They displayed official Israeli rebellion against the relevant UN resolutions, disdain for the international legal process, and a disregard for the sessions of the International Court of Justice.

The largest humanitarian disaster in history occurred 100 days ago, and several countries remain unconvinced that the mass massacres perpetrated by the occupation have entirely undermined the argument for self-defense.

Also 100 days of extermination and the unjust siege imposed by the occupation on our people, closing the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and committing the most horrific crimes against Palestinian citizens, their land, homes, property and sanctities.

Gaza Strip turns into bargaining chip and barter

Moreover the Ministry reiterates Israel kidnaps and kills humanity in the Gaza Strip and turns it into a bargaining chip and barter.

For the 101st consecutive day, the occupying state persists in seizing control of the entire Gaza Strip and infringing upon the lives of over 2 million Palestinian citizens residing there. It subjects them to a relentless cycle of imminent peril, either through bombing homes and facilities directly above the heads of the residents, including women and children.

What results in depriving Palestinian civilians of their basic humanitarian needs, deepening famine in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip in particular, depriving them of food, water, medicine, and fuel, or imposing more collective punishments on them, including the continued forced displacement of more than 85% of the Gaza Strip’s population, with more than 1,300,000 concentrated in Rafah. So that there is no longer a place for a new foothold in light of the scarcity of basic humanitarian needs, the continuous bombing, and the horrific destruction in the most horrific forms of genocide.

Exploitation of Self-Defense

The Ministry believes that Israel is still exploiting the excuse of self-defense. Some influential countries are tolerating its crimes to deepen the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip, targeting Palestinian civilians and escalating its aggression to turn the Strip into an uninhabitable place, especially in the northern regions.

At the same time, it has become clear to those who want to understand that Israel deals with the issue of aid and humanitarian needs as an issue of bargaining and bartering to achieve political purposes.

This approach must be rejected by the international community, and it requires the occupying state to protect civilians and secure their basic humanitarian needs immediately. Israel must stop its aggression and horrific mass massacres if humanity has any remaining balance or credibility.

The Ministry believes that Israel is still exploiting the excuse of self-defense and that some influential countries are tolerating its crimes to deepen the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip and targeting Palestinian civilians and escalating its aggression to turn the Strip into an uninhabitable place.

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