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Gaza war enters 4th month: International inaction prolongs


Gaza, 9 January 2024 (TDI): As the war of destruction and annihilation of civilians in the Gaza Strip stretches into its fourth month, the Foreign Affairs and Expatriates voice an urgent call for immediate international action against Israel’s relentless disregard for international law.

The pillars of the ruling Israeli right continue to beat the drums of war and prolong its duration, albeit in different forms, before the eyes and eyes of the international community, with what this means in deepening the genocide of civilian citizens, deepening and expanding the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip, by completing the comprehensive destruction of the areas of the northern Gaza Strip and imposing forced displacement on More than 85% of the population of the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, the continuous destruction of the remaining health centers in the central and southern regions, and direct and documented targeting in more than one way of civilians and displaced people who live in a spiral of certain death, either by bombing or by a policy of starvation, thirst, and deprivation of treatments and medicines, all under slogans and calls.

Racist incitement launched by the pillars of the Israeli extreme right to continue the war under the pretext of self-defense, which has eroded with these hideous and brutal manifestations of mass massacres against Palestinian civilians.

This is at a time when the international community continues to reproduce its failure, whether to stop the war, protect civilians, or secure their basic humanitarian needs in accordance with the Security Council resolution, and repeats itself in formulas such as (on Israel, we must, we emphasized the importance, we warn, we demand, we are concerned… etc.), all of which express the inability and failure of the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities to protect civilians and stand by them, and are nothing more than demands that do not constitute any pressure on the occupation government to force it to stop the war and respect international law regarding civilians and their lives.

As a result, these demands do not find any deaf ears on the Israeli side, which continues to expand the circle of death, destruction and forced displacement and spread more camps in Rafah and its area.

As the genocidal war enters its fourth month, with the continuation and escalation of mass massacres against civilians, and Israel’s disregard for international demands and resolutions in this regard, we wonder: What is the reaction of those countries that supported Israel under the pretext of self-defense to its disregard for the lives of civilians and the provision of their basic needs?

How long do these countries need to go to war until they are convinced that Israel is not responding to their requests and is seeking to destroy the Gaza Strip and empty it of its population? Which means that these countries continue to manage the conflict and war and provide more covers to prolong it, or they are trying to hide behind demands that do not find deaf Israeli ears.

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