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Gaza hospital crisis: Urgent plea for international aid


Gaza, 22 October 2023 (TDI): In the direst of circumstances, Gaza’s hospitals are teetering on the brink of collapse. Medical staff, overwhelmed and under-resourced, can no longer provide adequate care or admit new patients.

The situation is critical, marked by severe shortages of staff, essential drugs, and vital medical equipment. Patients, many severely injured with complex trauma wounds, are flooding in, underscoring the urgent need for immediate intervention and support.

Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza stands as a beacon of hope for thousands seeking refuge from relentless bombings. However, the hospital now faces a critical situation as its power supply dwindles rapidly.

With electricity running out within the next 24 hours, the lives of patients in intensive care, neonatology, and those reliant on respiratory support hang in the balance.

Additionally, individuals with chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer, along with pregnant women, face increased vulnerability due to a scarcity of essential medicines. Immediate intervention is imperative to avert a humanitarian disaster.

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Situation in Gaza Hospitals

In the wake of the Israeli authorities’ evacuation order, over a million residents of the Gaza Strip have been thrust into an agonizing dilemma: stay and face peril or flee to the south.

For healthcare workers, this decision translates into a heart-wrenching choice between abandoning patients, condemning them to an almost certain fate, or staying behind, jeopardizing their own lives in the process.

In the heart of the ongoing crisis in Gaza, medical professionals are enduring the same relentless assaults as their fellow Gazans.

Over the past 10 days, our colleagues have faced continuous bombing, resulting in the tragic loss of numerous doctors and healthcare workers since the commencement of the Israeli offensive. The dire situation in the region demands urgent international attention and support

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, a staggering 800 to 1,000 people are reported injured daily. Shockingly, this number encompasses only those fortunate enough to reach a hospital, despite the perilous journey due to the scarcity of petrol.

Tragically, the situation has escalated to a dire point, with over 9,700 individuals injured since the conflict began. The lack of access to medical care poses an imminent threat, leaving these patients in grave danger, with the possibility of succumbing to their injuries in the coming hours.

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