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Friendship Stadium reopened in Cotonou


Cotonou, July 3, 2021 (TDI):  On Thursday, a handover ceremony of Friendship Stadium was held in Cotonou, Benin.

The  “General Mathieu Kerekou Friendship Stadium” closed in April 2019, is now operational again after the renovation work of 32 months with an investment of 13 billion FCFA.

The stadium, also known in French as  Stade de l’Amitie, was a China-aided renovation project started in January 2021.  The renewed stadium will meet the standards of hosting international football matches and track and field competitions.

The Chinese officials said that the friendship stadium is a great symbol of cooperation between Benin and China. The construction of stadiums will develop the sports sector in African countries.

The construction work was done by both Chinese and Beninese workers.

Stade de l’Amitie

The stadium has a historic significance and over the years has remained an essential part of the soul of the city of Cotonou, the capital of Benin.

Over some years, due to the low capacity of the stadium and maintenance, it was not fit to host international or national level matches.

Now, this stadium has a complete renovation and is ready to host football matches. The renovation has convinced the CAF to host its final match between JS Kabylie of Algeria and Raja Sporting Club of Morocco.

With new facilities for athletes and for the spectators, the stadium is a true reflection of the friendship and bond of people from across the world.

But the stadium has had its problems historically, including being deemed not fit to host top matches.

Benin -State in West Africa

Benin is a Small size West African State. This big heart state is amazing with its uniqueness.

Small in size but big in heart, Benin, the West African state, is amazing with its uniqueness and the quality of its ‘gray matter”. The French philosopher Emmanuel once said of the country “Dahomey (former name of Benin) is the Latin Quarter of Africa”.




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