Paris, 8 June 2022 (TDI): French President Emmanuel Macron made a joint press announcement with Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala before their meeting in the Elysee Palace in Paris France on June 7, 2022.

Both leaders will discuss the Ukraine conflict, EU aid, and the impact of the conflict on European energy security.

Czech Republic’s EU Council Presidency, which it will take up from France on July 1 is also on the agenda.

The EU membership of France and the Czech Republic encompasses the connection between the two countries.

Strategic partnership governs the bilateral relations. Leaders from both countries signed an agreement in 2008. Afterward, the French President and the Czech Prime Minister signed the new action plan for 2018-2022 at the Élysée Palace.

France is a major investor in the Czech Republic, with 500 companies employing 100,000 people and €8 billion in foreign direct investment in 2017.

It is also the country’s fifth-largest commercial partner, with a total trade volume of €10 billion in 2017.

Because of the level of French investment and the highly industrialized Czech economy, this partnership has a structural imbalance for France (€2 billion in 2017).

Linguistic cooperation also makes use of four bilingual portions in Czech.

The expanded activities of  CEFRES established in 2015 scientific research, benefit academic and research cooperation (CNRS).

History of the two countries

France recognized the interim Czechoslovak administration created on Rue Bonaparte in Paris on October 15, 1918.

In the presence of Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, Czech Prime Minister André Babi, and his Slovak counterpart.

On June 30, 2018, Peter Pellegrini, former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, marked the centennial of the formation of the Czechoslovak legions in Darney, Vosges Department.

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