Paris, 27 June 2023 (TDI): France has expressed its satisfaction over the release of three Kosovo police officers, a significant development following the court decision in Kraljevo, Serbia.

This positive step marks the beginning of the de-escalation process between Kosovo and Serbia, emphasizing the importance of resolving tensions through peaceful means.

The French government applauds the decision taken by the court in Kraljevo, which has contributed to reducing tensions in the region. It acknowledges the significance of this initial stage in improving relations between Kosovo and Serbia and calls for a continuation of this approach from both sides.

In the spirit of promoting lasting peace and stability, France urges the authorities in Kosovo to swiftly commit to the de-escalation process outlined by the European Union.

The parameters established by the EU to resolve the crisis remain valid and provide a framework for constructive engagement.

Given the current circumstances, it is imperative for both Pristina and Belgrade to exhibit a responsible attitude and reengage in negotiations facilitated by the European Union.

By returning to the negotiation table, they can demonstrate their commitment to finding mutually agreeable solutions and fostering dialogue to address the underlying issues.

France emphasizes the necessity of a diplomatic approach to resolve the tensions between Kosovo and Serbia. Through dialogue and constructive engagement, long-lasting solutions can be achieved, ensuring stability, prosperity, and peace in the region.

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The international community continues to monitor the situation closely and stands ready to support the efforts of all parties involved.

France reiterates its commitment to promoting peace and stability in the Balkans and encourages all stakeholders to work towards a sustainable resolution of the issues at hand.

As tensions gradually de-escalate, it is hoped that further positive developments will follow, leading to increased cooperation and understanding between Kosovo and Serbia.

The release of the Kosovo police officers sets a positive precedent for future actions that can contribute to building trust and fostering reconciliation between the two nations.