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Former US State Secretary Henry Kissinger urges for US-China cooperation


New York, 23 October 2021 (TDI): Former American Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger urged the US and China to cooperate. He further stated that he knew China for 50 years. Henry Kissinger also knew Chinese people and their hard work.

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He calls the development of China incredible and historical. This is so because no country in the history of the world has developed so quickly. The world is amazed by the speed of development of China. Chinese development was unbelievable as well as unpredictable.
Henry Kissinger is famous for his diplomatic skills in the world. He served the United States in the time of Cold War. Former State Secretary of the United States played a dominant role in formulating the United States’ Foreign Policy from 1969 to 1977.
He also played an important role in establishing détente with the Soviet Union and ending the Vietnam War. He won Noble Prize for his role in ending that war. Henry Kissinger is also known for his secret visit to China in 1971.

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His visit paved the way for creating relations of the U.S with China. The United States then helped China which was facing poverty.

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Henry Kissinger urged the two countries to cooperate to lead the international system. The world is facing unprecedented challenges. These challenges require cooperation and the two countries should enhance their cooperation based on equality. Their cooperation can help the world to deal with the challenges. He expressed that the two countries should not interfere in each others’ issues. Their non-interference can create a peaceful atmosphere in the world.

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