Amman, 3 June 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, met with the Foreign Minister of Jordan, Ayman Hsafadi, today.

This meeting was arranged in Amman, and the purpose of the meeting was to discuss various regional issues and talk about ways to enhance pre-existing bilateral relations.

In a tweet, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said,” I am grateful for the warm hospitality and hosting me in Amman. We discussed matters of bilateral interest, regional issues, & future prospects in various fields of historical and brotherly ties.”

Pakistan and Jordan have always had strong and brotherly ties that include political, economic, and cultural collaboration. Their bilateral interests extend to regional challenges, and they have identified a number of potential future domains.

Pakistan and Jordan have a long history of friendship. Both countries have continuously backed each other up on regional and international platforms, demonstrating their fraternal relationship. These bonds are founded on common Islamic beliefs, cultural affinity, and mutual respect.

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They backed each other up in a number of regional and international forums, including the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Political collaboration is critical for promoting regional stability, tackling mutual difficulties, and advocating for common interests.

Cooperation in defense and security is an important part of Pakistan-Jordan ties. Both countries may exchange their counter-terrorism expertise, training programs, and intelligence in order to combat extremism and maintain regional security.

Defense partnerships, joint military exercises, and exchange programs can help to develop their defense capabilities and contribute to regional stability.

Promoting cultural interactions and people-to-people contact between Pakistan and Jordan can help increase understanding and promote friendship.

Individuals from both countries can learn about each other’s culture, traditions, and values by encouraging tourism, student exchanges, cultural events, and academic cooperation. These exchanges help to deepen their respect for their shared heritage and enhance bilateral ties.

Pakistan and Jordan can work together to address regional challenges of mutual concern. This involves promoting Middle Eastern peace and stability, resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and promoting peaceful resolution of regional conflicts.

They may enhance their impact on regional affairs and contribute to a more secure and affluent region by coordinating their viewpoints and undertaking coordinated actions.

Finally, the historic and brotherly relations between both states give a solid framework for collaboration. Both countries can strengthen their bilateral relations by cooperating in the domains of politics, economics, culture, and security.

Pakistan and Jordan may enhance their friendship and contribute to regional security and prosperity by handling regional concerns together and finding chances for future prospects.