Mexico City, 22 August 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic, Roberto Álvarez started his official trip to Mexico on Sunday. Álvarez landed in Mexico City on Sunday evening where government officials and diplomats welcomed him.

The Dominican Ambassador to Mexico, Maria Isabel Castillo, and the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico welcomed the Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic upon arrival.

During the time period of his visit, Álvarez will also be holding meetings with several government officials to strengthen cooperation between the nations.

Remarks by the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico:

The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Martin Borrego Llorente expressed that he was pleased to receive the Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic. Moreover, Llorente said that the Minister will visit Mexico City as well as Monterrey during his trip.

Mexico and Dominican Republic Relations

Both countries enjoy years of good bilateral relations. Additionally, the Dominican Republic and Mexico also share the same history.  Moreover, as part of Latin American nations, Mexico and Dominican Republic prioritize strengthening relations with each other for the progress of the region.

Bilateral Relations between both nations started strengthening with the signing of the treaty of ‘Friendship, Navigation, and Commerce in 1890. Additionally, diplomatic relations officially started in 1929, when both nations opened resident diplomatic legations in capitals.

Both countries enjoy cooperation in numerous fields including trade, culture, and education. Furthermore, the Dominican Republic and Mexico have signed numerous bilateral agreements too. These include Agreement on Touristic Cooperation, Air Transportation, Cooperation in Combating Illicit Traffic, Abuse of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.

The Dominican Republic is Mexico’s 37th largest trading partner globally. Meanwhile, Mexico is the Dominican’s Republic fourth most significant trading partner.

Recent Events

Recently, the Dominican embassy in Mexico organized a classical concert on Thursday. The inauguration of an exhibition followed the concert.

The exhibition represented the identities of countries of Latin America and the Caribbean available at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Moreover, the exhibition shed light on the contribution of Patron Virgins of the Caribbean to national identities.

Correspondingly, many government officials and diplomats in Mexico attended the Exhibition.