Kuala Lumpur, 11 April 2023 (TDI): On April 10, the Foreign Minister of Malaysia, Zambry Abdul Kadir, received a courtesy call from the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Naiyl Latypov.

Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador discussed further ways to enhance cooperation in leading fields including Joint Commission on Education, Scientific, Technical, and Cultural Cooperation.

Discussions also included issues of regional and prospective bilateral collaboration, particularly in the areas of education, the expansion of the palm oil trade, and visa issues.

The mutually beneficial partnership that Malaysia and Russia are enjoying was also valued by both parties during the meeting.

The discussion between the Foreign Minister and the Ambassador is a positive indication of the continued development of the partnership between Malaysia and Russia in these areas.

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The discussion touched upon the potential areas of cooperation for both countries to enhance each other’s economic and social growth.

Malaysia and Russia could work together on cultural exchanges, including arts, literature, language, and training programs for professionals in these areas.

They aimed to collaborate in research and development, particularly in science and technology, to increase their competitiveness in the global market.

The discussion between the Foreign Minister of Malaysia and the Ambassador of the Russia embarks a positive indication of the ongoing efforts to strengthen the partnership between Malaysia and Russia.

It could lead to practical cooperation between the two countries in bilateral and multilateral forums.

The highlight of the polite call was a quick explanation of each other’s mandates, how they may support and aid one another’s aims and objectives, and perhaps even synchronize efforts in the pursuit of respective entities or bodies.

The visit was successful in coordinating the parties’ future cooperation, and both parties are looking forward to having a better working relationship going ahead.