Islamabad, 17 October 2022 (TDI): The Finance Minister of Pakistan, Mohammad Ishaq Dar, held a virtual meeting with prominent Pakistani-American IT/Tech entrepreneurs on Monday.

The Minister of State for Finance & Revenue, Aisha Ghaus Pasha, and the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Jameel Ahmed also joined the meeting.

Moreover, Ambassador Masood Khan along with other members of the Pakistani delegation also joined the virtual meeting.

Finance Minister’s remarks

Ishaq Dar said that stabilizing Pakistan’s economy was the government’s top priority. Furthermore, he said that the government had taken tough decisions in the past few months.

The Finance Minister also said that the catastrophic floods had compounded the difficulty for Pakistan. He said that the government was confident that through prudent policies, the challenges to Pakistan’s economy will be overcome.

He clarified that those steps were essential to put Pakistan on the path of economic recovery. According to Ishaq Dar, the government of Pakistan had given priority attention to the IT/ Tech sector.

He also appreciated the interest of Pakistani-American tech entrepreneurs in strengthening Pakistan’s IT sector.

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He emphasized that the IT sector had immense potential for growth and could play a significant role in strengthening Pakistan’s economy.

Moreover, he assured the participants of the meeting of the government’s complete support in their efforts to enable Pakistan to achieve exponential growth in its IT exports.

In response, the Pakistani-American IT/Tech entrepreneurs appreciated the government’s focus on the IT/Tech sector. They also reaffirmed their interest in investing in Pakistan.

The investors also made a number of suggestions and proposals to promote the IT sector’s growth, especially exports from Pakistan.

The Finance Minister assured them that their suggestions would be carefully examined for proper follow-up. He also urged them to remain engaged with the government to ensure robust growth in Pakistan’s IT sector.